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We develop and supervise lighting projects worldwide.
We collaborate with technical teams of architects, engineers, designers and other specialists to make spaces more comfortable, richer and more perceptive.
We combine the creativity of the designer with the technique of the engineer and the passion of the entrepreneur.

Our founders

Experience, technical rigor and passion for lighting.

Asia Sierra

CEO & Founder

Interior Architect

Master in Architectural Lighting.

Executive Director of the study. He is in charge of customer relations and coordinates the team so that deliveries always go out on time.

Gisela Steiger

CEO & Founder

Senior Architect – Col.67181

Master in Architectural Lighting.

Creative director of the studio. She makes sure that each project is unique and original down to the last detail.


Light is Attitude

We use light to create comfortable, flexible and beautiful spaces. But good lighting design isn’t just about how spaces look; it’s about how they make us feel.

We love to say that lighting is the attitude of the project.
It empowers each and every design intention. It gives them that sensory push. This can only be achieved with a good knowledge of the latest market trends, the properties of light and the technical possibilities offered by the market.

Light is Design

We believe in User Centric Design. Design for the user, understand their needs, influence their perceptions.
Lighting is a strategy. It seduces, emphasizes, convinces. She sells and makes people sell. When designing workspaces, light fundamentally affects well-being. The nature and composition of light sources and the arrangement of light fixtures affects our circadian rhythms and such important things as cortisol, melatonin, serotonin and vitamin D.

Light must be green

Any lighting design must go hand in hand with technology and energy efficiency. Design consciously, consume consciously. Fewer light points, placed with knowledge and strategy. That is the balance of decisions at every point of the journey with our customers.

We are that professional profile that combines the technique of the architect, the aesthetics of the designer, and the know-how of the lighting manufacturer. The perfect consultant for any type of project.

light is attitude light is desing 

light is attitude light is desing 

light is attitude light is desing 

light is attitude light is desing 

light is attitude light is desing 


We are specialized architects, the design team can leave everything related to lighting in our hands.

We work on each and every phase of the lighting project, from the architectural design documentation to on-site supervision, luminaire design, order management and control system programming.

Concepto. Intenciones de proyecto

We propose a concept that transmits and empowers the project as the architect/interior designer has it in mind.


Proyecto Básico

Before attacking the more technical part, we define the models that will achieve the proposed concept and fit the project into the established budget.


Proyecto Ejecutivo

We prepare all the technical documentation necessary for the execution of the project on site: technical drawings, luminaire specifications, lighting calculations, justification of regulations and energy efficiency standards and scene tables for programming.


Mediciones y gestión de pedidos

We also prepare the complete measurements of the entire project and the final budget, in exportable format. In addition, we lend a hand in the management of orders so that there are no errors.


Supervisión en obra

We take charge of the executive supervision of the work, so that everything is executed as planned and to provide solutions to unforeseen events.


Focusing final y programación

Finally, we took care of the final focusing as well as the programming of the control system, and left the project 100% ready.



We are an independent studio, so we work with all lighting manufacturers in the market, both technical and decorative luminaires. We select the ideal material according to the needs of the project.

In addition, we specially design some of the luminaires to make each project unique. We work with industrialists and craftsmen specialized in each material to make the most original lamps on the market.

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