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Visual Health. Tools to project Light in workplaces. 

Intensive Masterclass for architecture and design professionals who already know the basic concepts of lighting and want to learn about the strategies to project and improve comfort and visual health in workplaces projects. We will focus on very specific concepts such as visual fatigue, glare index, color reproduction index and their relationship with the biological rhythms of the human body, and their direct application in lighting design strategies for workspaces.

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· Duration: single 4h session
· Modality: online
· Language: english
· Time: ask us 🙂
· Dates: ask us 🙂
· Places: 15 people


Are you interested in taking care of visual health in your Workplaces projects? Do you want to learn how to avoid glaring effects and promote user’s well-being and comfort? We will talk about the main problems when illuminating a workspace and what tips can help us designing in a healthier way. We will deal with topics on the order of the day such as Tunnable White technology and its connection with the Circadian Cycle and the biological rhythms of our body. We will dedicate a part of the session to solving specific doubts of the students.



1.1 Chronodisruption
1.2 Color temperature. Blue light
1.3 New technologies: Tunnable white
1.4 Strobe effects
1.5 Visual fatigue
1.6 Regulations in workspaces
1.7 Control systems: dimming and automation
1.8 Lighting strategies in workspaces



María Asia Sierra
Interior architect specialized in architectural lighting. Co-founder of The Light Squad Studio.With a markedly international career as a specialist in architectural lighting, he has worked for different studios in Milan and Singapore. He is specialized directing lighting projects and management of teams. Stands out by his methodical, perfectionist and empathic mind. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the CICAT Business Cluster, a member of the APDI (Professional Association of Lighting Designers) and professor at the Elisava Design University.

Gisela Steiger
Senior architect specialized in architectural lighting. Co-founder of The Light Squad Studio. She has developed her career as an Architect within the lighting area specializing in Retail and Visual Merchandising, collaborating with the most relevant architecture and engineering studios in Barcelona. She is resourceful, creative, and innovative. Lover of the latest trends, he always seeks to incorporate unique solutions to projects.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of the CICAT Business Cluster and also of the APDI (Professional Association of Lighting Designers), a member of the Retail Design Institute, and is part of the Working Groups of the Professional College of Architects (COAC). She is the director of the lighting courses at COAC, and collaborates as a professor of projects at different universities such as the UPC Tech School and the Elisava, EsDesign and LCI Design Universities.

Raquel Quevedo
Marketing Director of Lamp. She is an interior designer specialized in architectural lighting, a field to which she has been dedicating herself professionally since 2007 from different areas and across the board.





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Once registered, the student will receive an email with the link to access the online class.

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12 de Mayo de 2021, 14 de Abril de 2021, 14 de Julio de 2021, 17 de Marzo de 2021

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